This page contains information for raising funds, paying in donations and the new insurance policy.

Raising funds

You can raise money for one of the four main prostate cancer charities or a local prostate cancer charity of your choice.

There are various ways to do so:

1. Charging riders to take part. The amount charged will be very dependent on the type of event you wish to put on.
2. Riders obtain sponsorship. This can be a great way of maximising the money raised however please make sure you encourage your participants to share their sponsorship total so you can keep track. There is a JustGiving  team page for people to join. Details are below.
3. Asking people to donate on the day. This seems to be very effective for static bike rides.

Donations and JustGiving

When you donate, please use our JustGiving team page where you can send it to the charity of your  choice and we can see how well our Rotary teams are doing. It is quick and secure.
Click the link below and click ‘Join the team’ just above the list of supported charities and then press the button ‘Join the team’ when promoted on the next page:

Rotary Ride 2019 JustGiving Team Page


This year, there is a new insurance policy for Rotary cycling events:
1. Rides NOT on public highways or NOT involving mountain biking: covered with no charge.
2. Rides on public highways with fewer than 250 riders: charged at £1 per rider. Refer to Bartletts.
3. Rides on public highways with over 250 people: Refer our brokers, Bartletts.


Please read the insurance policy which can be found in the members section of the website or by clicking the link below:

Rotary insurance policy for cycling events 

Poster and press release

Poster –  Tell everyone about your event by downloading this poster and asking your professional printer to produce it to the desired size. Alternatively you can set your own printer at home to produce at A4 or A3.

Press releasePlease contact your local media weeks in advance and tell them about your event. The sooner they know, the more likely it is that they will visit, especially if you have a celebrity or well-known person attending too.

Guidance pack

Guidance pack – Misplaced your copy? Here is another one to help you organise your Rotary Ride event.